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hey bby i ly and your icon is so fucking greate baby 

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so i read some newsletters and some wrasslin site

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and my english still sucks 

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doomsday519 replied to your post:@DOOMSDAY
I’ve mellowed out about fangirls now. kinda learned to tune it out and enjoy what I enjoy. I’m just here to spread to gospel of Indy and Japanese wrestling for the most part.

omg so situation in like this, can i say ‘oh good boy’ to you? hehehe sorry

it might sound weird, i kinda hate you turn like this, every time you diss fangirls, it would have been my favorite moment on tumblr - well, even my self, i’m da fangirl too.

anyways it’s good to you still talk about indies and japanese wrassling much you know it’s rly cool stuffs and cool things which people don’t try to find and watch on tumblr

you’re like pioneer who propagate about cool wrasslin stuffs on tumblr to me 

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Everybody seems to talk about punkers as wolverine, so I drew it fuq :c 

and so bye good days and punk
i liked you a lot 
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doomsday519 asked: It does kinda suck that Punk is gone but he left on his own accord. fans took it too far on monday, chanting his name all night. I heard they were even chanting it at an NXT taping which is just wrong cuz they probably took away from what was probably a good show.

Fans always did, and do, and will do. They sometimes screws up good matches for chanting and being obsessive something which doesn’t have any actual relation with dat match

idk man i just got heard from dat news??? when the last time i watch wwe, punk was still a big star even his himmick isn’t cool like in 2011 mitb or s.e.s days he still did make great matches and feud with undertaker n jericho? i actually can understand why they’re roaring about punk and they(the fans) alyways being idiot kinda idiot

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doomsday519 said: things weren’t the same without you

OK i’m kinda shy about ur words and i might feel the same about you God anyway it’s nice to talk with you he